Romance Books - Top Five Linda Howard Novels

Awhile ago I did a top ten of Jayne Ann Krentz books, this time around I'm going to do a top five of Linda Howard books. I link these two authors together because they were both authors from my early days of reading romance. I still go back and re-read their early books.

Since Linda Howard doesn't have as many releases as Jayne Ann Krentz I have limited this to a top five instead of a top ten to make it a bit harder for myself. Here they are:

1. MacKenzie's Mountain 
2. After the Night 
3. Heart of Fire 
4. Shades of Twilight 
5. White Lies

MacKenzie's Mountain was originally a category romance published under Silhouette books. It was the start of a series. The other MacKenzie's books are good but this one shines for me and is still the standout of all her books.

The next books on the list, After the Night, Heart of Fire and Shades of Twilight are all early novels. High on the romance with suspense thrown in to keep things moving. After the Night and Shades of Twilight are more family saga orientated, while Heart of Fire takes place mainly in Brazil with a thrilling trip to find the lost Amazon city.

The the last one on my list is another Silhouette category romance. Was a hard choice as I could of picked a few. Almost Forever, Duncan's Bride, Now You See Her were all contenders. But in the end I chose White Lies for the unusual storyline and I just love this story.

So there you have it my top five Linda Howard books. Once again, like my Jayne Ann Krentz top ten they are all early works from Linda Howard. She was at one stage my favorite author ever and I still enjoy going back and reading her books.