Steamy Bestsellers Of Romance Books

One of the books at the top of the best selling lists is No Mercy, a novel by Sherrilyn Kenyon, an author who has taken on the number one best seller spot nearly twelve times. Her current novel is about an immortal Amazon warrior named Samia who is living in contemporary New Orleans. She works with Dev Peltier, a shape shifter who guards the Sanctuary for nearly two centuries and believes that he has seen it all. But now, both of them are faced with a destructive force that threatens the very fabric of mankind and both must withstand this hellish force before it destroys the universe and obliterates all life forever. This exciting book is gripping and will have you unable to put it down as you yearn to find out what happens in the end.

If you like love stories that are filled with letters and passion, you will love Debbie Macomber's 1022 Evergreen Place, a novel that presents many letters presented by Mary Jo Wyse, a woman who has a daughter and is falling in love with a man named Mach. She is a woman with a bad history of romance and stumbles across old World War II letters written by a solider to a woman he loved, and the entire novel presents the life of Mary Jo Wyse through letters to the reader as well as the romantic WWII letters. If you love romance and timeless passion, this is the book for you.

Another novel that is taking the shelves by storm is by Nicholas Sparks, author of many beloved romance novels, this one being Safe Haven. This novel is about a woman named Katie with a troubled past who comes to a small town called Southport. She comes bearing burdens and grief and a sensation of something hunting her from behind. Then, she meets Alex, a widower who owns a store and with a gentle spirit who immediately makes her feel safe and protected. Now, as she falls madly in love with him, she fights the sensations of danger and fear that make her so reserved and cautious and must decide if she should keep on running from the past or finally settle in a safe haven. This book will evoke a sense of the power of love and make you believe in things that are great.

Another novel that is highly popular is one by romance author Nora Roberts, entitled The Search. This story circles around Fiona Bristow, a woman who seems to live the perfectly calm and content life with her dogs, working at an animal rescue shelter, and doing things that to the outside eye appear relaxed and enjoyable. But, actually, Fiona was the only woman who survived the Red Scarf serial killer, a fiend who killed her cop husband and his partner. Now, as Fiona is trying to recover from all of this, she meets Simon, a rugged, handsome, an secretive, moody artist who makes gorgeous furniture out of wood. Just as the two are falling madly in love, a copycat killer comes out of the woodwork ready to kill the woman that slipped from the original killer's hands. This thrilling story of love, murder, and fear will have you captivated.

Romance Books - Top Five Linda Howard Novels

Awhile ago I did a top ten of Jayne Ann Krentz books, this time around I'm going to do a top five of Linda Howard books. I link these two authors together because they were both authors from my early days of reading romance. I still go back and re-read their early books.

Since Linda Howard doesn't have as many releases as Jayne Ann Krentz I have limited this to a top five instead of a top ten to make it a bit harder for myself. Here they are:

1. MacKenzie's Mountain 
2. After the Night 
3. Heart of Fire 
4. Shades of Twilight 
5. White Lies

MacKenzie's Mountain was originally a category romance published under Silhouette books. It was the start of a series. The other MacKenzie's books are good but this one shines for me and is still the standout of all her books.

The next books on the list, After the Night, Heart of Fire and Shades of Twilight are all early novels. High on the romance with suspense thrown in to keep things moving. After the Night and Shades of Twilight are more family saga orientated, while Heart of Fire takes place mainly in Brazil with a thrilling trip to find the lost Amazon city.

The the last one on my list is another Silhouette category romance. Was a hard choice as I could of picked a few. Almost Forever, Duncan's Bride, Now You See Her were all contenders. But in the end I chose White Lies for the unusual storyline and I just love this story.

So there you have it my top five Linda Howard books. Once again, like my Jayne Ann Krentz top ten they are all early works from Linda Howard. She was at one stage my favorite author ever and I still enjoy going back and reading her books.

A Description of Vampire Romance Books

Vampire romance books are one of a kind. They are smitten in mystery and their wild side manages to capture the imagination of many a fan. Stories about vampires have been told for a long time. Vampires are beings which are supernatural and feed on the blood of humans. They are imaginary creatures which have managed to create a name for themselves as the creatures of the night. Many love the thrills and the chills that vampires' stories come with. Vampire romance books come with an added advantage because of the aspect of love. There is nothing more exciting like reading about how the emotion of love defies all barriers and manages to conquer all. It is vital for you to go through all the major books available about romance and vampires. The following is just an example of what you will find in this regard. The books are night after night, let the night begin, taken by the night, night of the huntress, be mine tonight, weddings from hell and the list goes on. If you are an avid reader of such books, you will definitely have the some favorite writers.

Kathryn Smith is one of the writers who has certainly made her mark when it comes to writing vampire romance books. All of the books mentioned above are hers and, she continues to bring that wicked dark entertainment to you. Vampires are creatures of the night and this is the reason why most settings of the stories are dark or happen at night. Their evil side shines through when it is dark. Have fun going through the romance books. One thing that you are certainly going to notice is the relationship between humans and vampires. Theirs is a weird relationship sometimes governed by fear and love. A human can easily become a vampire with a single bite. Therefore, they are still human in many senses and this is the reason why humans and vampires have a very special relationships. In many romance books, the humans will fall in love with people just to realize that they are not human. The vampire romance books are thrillers which will take you on a journey that will explore the depths of your imagination.

Vampire romance books will also explore elements like fire. This is because there is a huge association of fire with vampires. It is perfectly alright for you to enjoy these fiction books which are bound to give you a different perspective on life and love. Getting the vampire romance books is pretty easy and all you have to do is visit a local book store and find the books available. However, you can do this the easy way. You simply need to go online and search for all the suitable books of romance for you. You have the opportunity to read the reviews. Reviews will enable you make the right choice when you are choosing from the many choices that are available. You are guaranteed to have a lot of fun while reading the vampire love stories.

What Paranormal Romance Books Have to Offer

Paranormal romance books are books which bring out love stories in a way that can be described as above normal or beyond normal. It is a very interesting going through some of the stories and, if you have gone through several paranormal books of romance, you will definitely find them especially intriguing. There are very many such books and, for those who love the thrill and adventure in the paranormal; you will definitely find them pretty exciting. Paranormal romance books will take you through an interesting journey that is of a beyond life experience. They are set in a back drop of love and affection, making for a perfect read that is bound to affect you in a very positive light. Most of their books will have alluring characters that will certainly draw you to the plot of the story. The romance books have a huge fan base and, this base continues to grow as more and more people seek the solace of the paranormal to provide that much need entertainment.

The following is an example of one of the leading paranormal romance books which will give you not just pleasure but, intrigue and anticipation as the story unfolds. The romance book is called 'full moon fever'. This is a very interesting and exciting tale about a reporter investigating about werewolves for a magazine. The reporter comes face to face with a rogue wolf and, it is up to a guardian called Ray Mcshaw to shelter her from the lurking danger. The tension in the book is bound to leave you yearning for more. The guardian is torn between two things which are to fall in love with the pretty reporter or reveal the true identity of the wolf. You can get some gist from the above overview and, to enter into the world of biting werewolves, you need to get reading. This is one of the highly rated paranormal romance books that you can come across. The book is written by Sabrina Luna who has certainly outdone herself in this book.

There are so many other paranormal romance books which are bound to keep you on your toes as you read. There are people who find certain books scary and this is the essence of the paranormal. The imagination of the author goes wild and, you are bound to partake of all the new and wonderful ideas they present in their books. Thinking about the paranormal will open up your mind and make sure that you look ahead with different forms of imagination. This way, you can be in a position to appreciate the things you do not know and, also open your mind to things you do not even understand. The paranormal world is fictional and, you do not have to believe that the stuff exists. Let the books entertain you as you read from cover to cover. The Internet will provide you with lots of information about the books. You will also see what is on display and choose the best book. You can also visit your local store to see what they have for you.

What Romance Books Contain

Romance books are pieces of literature that are written to talk about love and affection. The largest driving force in the world is love and more so, romance. With this fact in mind, many people have come up to write about it, capturing an untold number of audiences. All people want to know more about love. This is because they also want love in their lives. Those people who have already found love want to know how to maintain or enhance that love. With these issues facing people all around the world, romance books will therefore become a vital part of society. It is pretty amazing to look at some of the books and get a feel of what they are all about. The books are helpful in many ways. They will inspire you to gain the confidence and approach that person you have loved for a long time. They will also give you certain ideas which you can employ to make your relationship spice up. Therefore, you should read the books as much as you can.

Romance novels, advice books and others are just a few examples of the books available about love. If you are already in a relationship, it is best to buy romance books literature that will enable you make the love better. They usually contain practical steps that you can follow when you are looking to be more romantic in your life. There are people who never see the need for this but, as your love progresses; you will realize that you need all the help that you can find. The following are some of the tips that you can find in a good romance book that will guide you as you prepare to upgrade things in your relationship. First, it is vital to keep your partner first. Most of the relationships will end because of selfishness. One or both partners are not able to keep the other person in front or as a priority. Therefore, you will need a total shift of focus if you want to excel in this regard. You will start to view your partner in a better light. This way, you will love them better.

Lack of commitment has proved to cost all the romance in the relationships. Romance books will tell you that to have true love for somebody and show it, you must be committed to them in all aspects. Therefore, before you start showing love practically, you have to deal with the hidden issues first. When it comes to displaying the romance you will do it comfortably and naturally. Ignorance is one factor that is able to kill the romance fast. There are people who do not recognize the fact that a relationship needs maintenance. In the end, they will be shocked or surprised to hear that their partner has been unhappy. Sometimes, it might be too late. The biggest lesson to learn is that there is no true romance without love. Let the romance books give you all the knowledge that you require. There are varieties of such books on the market while others continue to be written; you will find them very helpful.

Finding Great Romance Books Online

From sci-fi to mystery, to history and picture books, there is truly an endless amount of topics to read about in books today. Romance novels are one extremely popular genre to read. You'll find hundreds of them at the library, book stores, and even online. That's right! Nowadays you can easily find and read romance books online!

As technology continues to improve, it is no surprise that we can now read some of our favorite books online. Many websites offer free romance books, while others will require you to pay for them just as you would when purchasing a normal book. Today, there are even on-the-go devices that allow you to read whatever you want at the touch of a button.

There are various ways you can read Romance Novels online. If you decide to read a book online, you're actually reading what is called an eBook. These eBooks can be read off of a website or downloaded to your personal computer so that you can read them at your own leisure. There are all types of eBooks offered, from Erotic eBooks, romance eBooks, love story eBooks and tons of others.

If you are new to online books and eBooks, you may not be familiar with how to find them on the Internet. Below are some tips to use if you're searching for books to read online. Remember, there are literally hundreds of Romance Books Online to choose from, so take your time in finding the ones you like best!

Search engine query - If you're looking for a specific eBook, you may find that doing a query using a search engine is best for you. This way you will be given direct links to that eBook online.

Look for eBook websites - There are many websites that are dedicated to hosting and providing eBooks for readers all over the world. Keep an eye on popular online book forums as you are sure to find plenty of help there.

eCommerce websites - Many websites that sell common day items will sell eBooks. Also, any bookstore that operates a brick-and-mortar location will usually have a website where you are able to purchase and download eBooks as well.

Author websites - Sometimes authors will post eBooks on their personal websites for downloading or so that readers can purchase from the site and then download the book. If you have a favorite author don't hesitate to check his/her website for eBooks! Many authors offer them nowadays.

Reading online is the one of the new fads today. eBooks are becoming extremely popular as more people are looking for ways to read whenever/wherever possible without having to lug a book around all day. While some people may still prefer the old-fashioned hand-to-page reading, others have transformed and adapted to the changing ways of technology.

Why You Should Join Romance Book Clubs

It does not matter whether you are a romance writer or reader; romance book clubs are for you. Romance is one of those genres that will never cease to captivate. To enjoy the splendor of romance writing, fans come together to form romance book clubs. They are very essential and they come with very many advantages. If you are an avid reader of romance stories, there are very many things you can gain from joining such clubs. First, you will be in a position to meet people who are just like you. It is a good way of socializing with people you have a lot in common with. If your social life is dry, this is the first opportunity to mingle as you discus great romance stories. For people who do not read romance a lot, you can start the habit of reading through book clubs. This is because you will have that aspect of accountability. Many people never get around to reading just because they lack the motivation and strength. A good book club will provide all the morale you need to start reading.

For a reader, romance book clubs will enable you understand the story or the plot better. Not all romance stories are straight forward. Discussions at a book club will give you different perspectives of a book and, you will be in a position to appreciate the book more. There is nothing like sharing on a romantic read with people. When you are in a club, you will have the opportunity to discuss the various emotions you went through as you read the story. You will have an opportunity to speak your mind. Sometimes, when we go through a book, we will come up with ideas that could have made the story even better. This is a good thing because it shows that you have been electrified or inspired, to have different ideas. Romance book clubs will definitely spice up your read.

Romance book clubs also have many benefits for a writer. For a writer of romance to excel in their work, they need to be good readers. This way, you will expand your horizons as you seek to be brilliant as you become creative. Through the book clubs, a writer will have their work judged and, this is the best way to ensure improvement on the part of the writer. There are very many other advantages. It is vital for you to know the kind of book club to join. The only way to do this is to know the many clubs available. Join a relevant club so as to maximize your potential. You can choose from online clubs or those that are face to face. If you do not have a lot of time to spare, you will find online clubs very helpful. If you have more time, join a face to face club and, you are sure to reap all the benefits that come with joining a good club for writing. You will have a lot of fun at the book club meetings.

On Vampire Romance Books

It should be no surprise that there is a big trend on nowadays for vampire romance books. Romance fiction books have been extremely popular throughout history, with well-known love stories from Shakespeare to Emily Bronte and Jacqueline Susann. Women young and old turn to romance fiction books to fulfill a part of their lives that may not exist in their own realities. Romance fiction books offer a new view of love and life, set in a modern setting or in history. Now the trend has turned to fantasy romance books with vampire books like Twilight by Stephenie Meyer.

Vampire romance books offer another view of the romantic world. Not only do they provide the love interest desired in the stories, but they offer an alternate world that does not exist in normal life. Vampire romance books allow the reader to go beyond normal life into a fantasy that cannot possibly exist-one where the hero (or heroine) as the love interest cannot possibly compete with normal folk because they are far above them. It is a safer way for normal people to experience romance. The reader does not have to compare their real life with what is portrayed in the book because it is ludicrous to think that it can possibly exist, therefore it allows them a more in-depth romantic experience.

These new romance books based on a fantasy realm offer the reader more of an escape. The world of vampires provides super-heroes that only dreams are made of. Take the main character in vampire books like Twilight (Edward). He is inhumanly beautiful with extraordinary powers. His love of Bella goes deeper than any normal human can imagine. Any women reading Bella and Edward's love story is enraptured and wants that type of deep devotion for themselves. Of course, in real life this is impossibility-but it is nice to dream of.

And that is what the best vampire books are good for. They are the stuff that nurtures our dreams and fantasies. They create a place where normal people can escape to (and long for). It is easier to wish for something that cannot possibly happen so in the end you are not disappointed when all your fantasies don't come true.

Vampire romance books also offer a certain level of danger and thrills. What can be more thrilling and exciting than the hero risking his life to protect the woman he loves? What can be more romantic than the hero saving the beautiful maiden and them living happily ever after? It is exciting to think of the hero or heroine risking their safety to be in the company of a dangerous creature like a vampire just because of love. The vampire novels can create a stimulating new world where danger lurks, giving it that bit of excitement needed to create good contemporary romance books.

From early on in books like Bram Stoker's Dracula, people have always been intrigued by vampires. In today's contemporary romance books it seems as if it is a natural progression to include vampires as the good guys-the love interests for weaker, helpless everyday people. When a normal human is involved with a vampire, it almost elevates them to a fictional, fantasy level that cannot be achieved in real life.

Vampire romance books fill a niche in the romance book market that has hitherto been left wide open. People young and old love vampire books like Twilight and vampire novels are a trend that won't soon be forgotten.

Popular Vampire Romance Book Authors

There is no doubt that vampire romance books are popular in the market right now. With the raging success of the book and movie Twilight by Stephenie Meyer, vampire romance books have dominated the romance genre market. But Stephenie Meyer is not the only vampire romance book author to shine in this newly created vampire era. There are many other authors of vampire romance books worth reading. Here is a sample of a few that you might enjoy:

Charlaine Harris - Charlaine Harris is the author of the books on which the popular T.V. series True Blood is based. Her vampire novel, Dead Until Dark, is the first in the series and introduces Sookie Stackhouse and her vampire boyfriend, Bill. Their romance is a classic human-vampire mix. Charlaine Harris' series of books is definitely worth reading. The T.V. series True Blood loosely follows the story, but adds a lot of embellishments for the made-for-T.V. plots. The books delve deeper into Sookie and Bill's thoughts and relationship.

L. J. Smith - Here is another author that can boast of vampire books made into T.V. series fame. The T.V. series The Vampire Diaries is based on L. J. Smith vampire romance books, with the characters of Elena (the human element) and the love interest and rivalry of vampire brothers Stephan and Damon. The three battle the forces of evil and vampires to keep their hometown of Mystic Falls safe. The vampire books by L. J. Smith vary quite a bit from the T.V. series, but they also present a good read if you don't mind straying from the T.V. scripts.

Lynsay Sands - This is a different kind of vampire romance book author. Stephenie Meyer and L. J. Smith focus more on the teen vampire romance market, where Charlaine Harris captures a more mature market. Lynsay Sands goes a step further in the mature vampire market adding a bit of erotic reading to her great characters and plots. Her series of vampire novels include the Argeneau series, with character overlapping in her books, but each book is focused on a different vampire experience. Her premise of vampires and how they came about is unique and shows a different side of the vampire world. Romance leads the way, though, in every one of her books. If you like vampire romance books with a little 'zing' to them, you should definitely try one of her books. Lynsay Sands books include: The Accidental Vampire, A Quick Bite and Love Bites, among many others.

Kimberly Raye - Kimberly Raye presents another twist on vampire romance books. Her books are new-age and very entertaining, even when mixed with the romance aspect of the books. Kimberly Raye has an excellent sense of humour which she incorporates into each story. Her characterization is wonderful, and her plots are extremely entertaining and quirky. Some of her books include, Just One Bite, Your Coffin or Mine, and Dead End Dating.

If you are into vampire romance books, you would definitely enjoy reading any of the vampire book authors mentioned above. All of their books make love and romance a part of their stories, but with a vampire twist to enhance the traditional romance novel experience.

Advantages of Used Romance Books

Romance is timeless; this means that you can find a suitable used book of romance and get to enjoy it. Used romance books are especially suitable for people who are not crazy about new things. Like any other used book, a good romance book that is used will come with a set of its advantages. It is vital to think for a moment the kind of romance book you need to get when visiting your local book store. Books of romance come in a very wide variety. It is essential to know whether you want something more mystical, mysterious or magical. Romance is all these things and more. Used romance books will give you value for money. This is the greatest advantage. Since the books are old, you get to pay less for them. This way, you will be in a position to enjoy a good story for less. There are people who are usually in a hurry to get the latest editions of romance books but, taking some time will prove very economical.

Another reason why you should go for used romance books is because the books will be readily available. New books might prove to be hard to find but, a classic book will be ready for you at the store. This is because when people are through with the books, they will dispose them off to stores. Another advantage of used romance books is the fact that you can get a variety. A variety is vital if you want to compare the books. You will have the opportunity to do your comparison with a variety of books. While taking your time, you will then decide on the best book for you. When dealing with new romance books, your eyes are usually set on a particular book and, you have no time to choose the best or compare. You will find all kinds of romance books and, there are several places to find them. To save time and money, you can go online to see which books of romance are available.

The following are some of the used romance books that you will find when you go online:

  • Express Male 
  • The Rocky Road To Romance 
  • Heart Of Fire 
  • Her Kind Of Man

... and the list goes on. There are thousands upon thousands of used books for romance that you can read. Therefore, it is time to get searching for the right book for you to read. For very cheap prices, you can compare the prices in various online stores and others to ensure that you have the right deal. Take time and ensure that you are one of those people who are careful to find all the interesting books for romance. Nothing beats a good romance story and instead of idling around, it is time you got reading, you never know how the books will inspire you. One thing I'm sure of is that they will inspire you in a positive manner. As you get to read the books, have fun at every step. Clearly, used books of romance come with amazing advantages.