Steamy Bestsellers Of Romance Books

One of the books at the top of the best selling lists is No Mercy, a novel by Sherrilyn Kenyon, an author who has taken on the number one best seller spot nearly twelve times. Her current novel is about an immortal Amazon warrior named Samia who is living in contemporary New Orleans. She works with Dev Peltier, a shape shifter who guards the Sanctuary for nearly two centuries and believes that he has seen it all. But now, both of them are faced with a destructive force that threatens the very fabric of mankind and both must withstand this hellish force before it destroys the universe and obliterates all life forever. This exciting book is gripping and will have you unable to put it down as you yearn to find out what happens in the end.

If you like love stories that are filled with letters and passion, you will love Debbie Macomber's 1022 Evergreen Place, a novel that presents many letters presented by Mary Jo Wyse, a woman who has a daughter and is falling in love with a man named Mach. She is a woman with a bad history of romance and stumbles across old World War II letters written by a solider to a woman he loved, and the entire novel presents the life of Mary Jo Wyse through letters to the reader as well as the romantic WWII letters. If you love romance and timeless passion, this is the book for you.

Another novel that is taking the shelves by storm is by Nicholas Sparks, author of many beloved romance novels, this one being Safe Haven. This novel is about a woman named Katie with a troubled past who comes to a small town called Southport. She comes bearing burdens and grief and a sensation of something hunting her from behind. Then, she meets Alex, a widower who owns a store and with a gentle spirit who immediately makes her feel safe and protected. Now, as she falls madly in love with him, she fights the sensations of danger and fear that make her so reserved and cautious and must decide if she should keep on running from the past or finally settle in a safe haven. This book will evoke a sense of the power of love and make you believe in things that are great.

Another novel that is highly popular is one by romance author Nora Roberts, entitled The Search. This story circles around Fiona Bristow, a woman who seems to live the perfectly calm and content life with her dogs, working at an animal rescue shelter, and doing things that to the outside eye appear relaxed and enjoyable. But, actually, Fiona was the only woman who survived the Red Scarf serial killer, a fiend who killed her cop husband and his partner. Now, as Fiona is trying to recover from all of this, she meets Simon, a rugged, handsome, an secretive, moody artist who makes gorgeous furniture out of wood. Just as the two are falling madly in love, a copycat killer comes out of the woodwork ready to kill the woman that slipped from the original killer's hands. This thrilling story of love, murder, and fear will have you captivated.